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Some of my Favorite Music Web Sites

Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime - March - Waltz Web Site   Nearly 400 ragtime, march and waltz MIDI files are featured here, perhaps the largest collection sequenced by a single person. Ten years ago Colin accepted my offer to edit all of them for accuracy and dynamics. The resulting collaboration became a personal as well as professional friendship. I was saddened that Colin passed away this past year after a long battle with cancer, but his website lives on. Sound files are downloadable, and complete source information and details of all editing changes are also provided.
Oleg Mezjuev's Swedish Ragtime Home Page  A transplanted Russian, Oleg is ragtime's most enthusiastic proponent. Featured here are MIDI files of classic ragtime, contemporary Swedish and international ragtime and terra verde, proving once again that while ragtime originated in America, it's also taken hold in far-away places.
Ragtime Press Midi Music Archive  Hosted by ragtime pianist Sue Keller, this site contains nearly 100 MIDI files of both classic and contemporary ragtime performances--several are her own compositions--as well as ordering information for obtaining her Ragtime Press recordings.
The Ragtime MIDI Libraries of John Roache  Deceased pianist John Roache's MIDI renditions are maintained at this site. Ragtime, swing and stride piano selections from all eras are available, as well as a ragtime store that sells folios and recordings.

Warren Trachtman's Ragtime MIDI Page  This site has a large selection of MIDI sequences of the classic ragtime composers, as well as more recently composed rags, some available only via e-mail.

Monrovia Sound Studio This site has MIDI files and extensive ragtime and piano roll information.
Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival In addition to information  on the Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival, this site features ragtime CD reviews by Jack Rummell.
Virtual Sheet Music - Classical Sheet Music Downloads
High quality classical sheet music for piano, violin, trumpet and many classical instruments can be downloaded and printed by members.  Exclusive transcriptions and arrangements are also available, based on user suggestions.